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  • 400HZ alternator 125kva for GPU delivery to Russia


    Now we are getting the chance to introduce the alternator for GPU to you.

  • Standby Heating Devices For Diesel Generator


    Cummins Power Generation recommends installing diesel standby generator sets (life safety systems) equipped with engine jacket water coolant heaters in locations where the minimum ambient temperature is below 40 oF (4 oC).

  • Diesel Generator Installation Guidelines Part 1


    Diesel Generator Installation Guidelines Part 1These installation recommendations apply to typical installations with standard model generator sets. Whenever possible, these recommendations also cover factory designed options or modifications.

  • Generator Set & Engine Components


    The main components of a typical Generator Set are shown below and referred to within this Section. The main components of a typical engine are shown below and referred to within this Section.

  • Abbreviations of Diesel Generator


    It is in the Operator's interest to read and understand all words contained within the documentation relevant to the generator set, its operation and daily maintenance. However, the operator may be lost in understanding of the abbreviations. This list aims to help you understand most of them,and provide you more knowledges of the diesel generators.

  • How to Identify Original Cummins Generator Purchase In China


    ‍How to identify original Cummins generator Purchase in China When you purchase the genset from China, a quality of the machine comes the first consideration. Have you ever worried about the genset you purchase will not be the genuine one, for example, if you want to buy a genset powered by Cummins.




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