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  • Abbreviations of Diesel Generator


    It is in the Operator's interest to read and understand all words contained within the documentation relevant to the generator set, its operation and daily maintenance. However, the operator may be lost in understanding of the abbreviations. This list aims to help you understand most of them,and provide you more knowledges of the diesel generators. Read More

  • How to Identify Original Cummins Generator Purchase In China


    ‍How to identify original Cummins generator Purchase in China When you purchase the genset from China, a quality of the machine comes the first consideration. Have you ever worried about the genset you purchase will not be the genuine one, for example, if you want to buy a genset powered by Cummins. Read More

  • Diesel Generator General Safety Precautions-2


    Generator Set Safety-2 Before operating the generator set, read the manuals and become familiar with them and the equipment. Safe and efficient operation can be achieved only if the equipment is properly operated and maintained. Many accidents are caused by failure to follow fundamental rules and pr Read More

  • Sound Attenuated Generator structurer and sound levels explained


    Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosure structurer and sound Levels Explained.
    Many industries require backup power. These high-tech industries are often located in or close to a city or residential area. Both countries, states and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sound guidelines mus Read More

  • China Cummins expand production capacity, the new assembly line is off


    China Cummins expand production capacity, the new assembly line is offRecently, Cummins Power Generation (China) Co., Ltd.(CPG) of small and medium horsepower line first unit line-off ceremony was held in Wuhan factory, vice president of Power Systems Operations Division, Mr Iain M Barrowman and pow Read More

  • Diesel Generator General Safety Precautions-1


    (Silent) Diesel Generator General Safety PrecautionsThis article is about diesel generator safety operation written for the operator. And if you are diesel generator owner, maker, or dealer, we wish you share this article to the operator. Safe and efficient operation can be achieved only if the equi Read More




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